Ukraine – З тобою, зі мною, і годі

Melovin, Melovin, why have you foresaken us?

It’s almost Halloween. And yes, I know that earlier this year, you announced that you’d be putting your Baby Goth persona to bed. You’ve shown up at a variety of locations around Ukraine in your new normcore jean jacket persona (note: the Bono Beach Club is still my definition of hell.) You’ve pretty much stopped talking about Black Gas, the worst named perfume of all time. But I was hoping that there would be something – one thing – before you put the whole Li’l Dracula schtick to bed (or coffin, to be more accurate.)

No. Instead, you release this song.

It’s a drab ballad. It’s passable. It might be interesting from another teen idol, but we know what you’re capable of, Melovin. And that’s delivering power pop vocals while a piano is on fire:

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 8.10.54 AM.png

Come back, Prince of Pop Darkness! At least for one more song!

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