Russia: Молния (премьера клипа, 2018)

Since when did Dima Bilan become funny?

I mean, he released that amazing wedding video with Polina Garagina earlier in 2018, but many of us just assumed that was a one-off.

He is, after all, the man who won Eurovision with the heartfelt ballad Believe. Dima was dressed in all white – the color of chastity and purity – sporting bare feet to signal his sincerity, almost crying as he hit all those notes. And because he was so worried that his emoting wouldn’t be enough to convey the whirl of his feelings, he hired world-championship ice skater Evgeny Plushenko to turn his emotion into twirls executed on the world’s tiniest ice rink, next to the world’s showiest violinist. I mean, I laughed really hard at that – everything from Dima’s Michael Jackson-esque “aww!” to Evgeny’s determined and very crazy eyes – but I didn’t think it was intentional.

But what do I know? Looking at the video for Dima Bilan’s latest release, maybe he’s always been this funny, because I couldn’t stop laughing at the conceit of a bored party boy who is literally electrified by his interactions with a beautiful woman. Old Dima would have had them kiss and cause a lightning storm or some other phenomenon as if to suggest “our love can influence nature!” New Dima Bilan imagines the otherworldy phenomenon having real-world consequences – like blowing up a party, blowing up a nightclub, getting hauled up on charges in court, and, in a hilarious denoument, devising a full-body catsuit to try and stave off the sparks. (Spoiler alert: It doesn’t work and Dima Bilan ends up prostrate and dazed on his front lawn. Plwasw watch it because there are so many delightful touches in it, like the tiny dog to the rubber dishwashing gloves.