Ukraine – Ти

So last week, Lil Baby Melovin released a video for a new song:

It’s an okay song – not as emo piano ballad as I like from Melovin, but whatever. And the music video has a plot, although in real life we all know Melovin would be getting carded waaaay before he could ever enter the casino and get a seat at that table.

The real mystery, though, is what’s happening with his eyes.

Remember when Melovin renounced his goth vampireness, and got rid of that really freaky contact lens?

Well, in the video here, he seems to have replaced it with an even freakier contact lens. It’s not longer a contact lens that looks wrong at first glance, but a contact lens that takes three or four views to detect something wrong – namely, that his pupil has overtaken his iris. Completely eaten it! Just gobbled it right up!

So now Melovin no longer looks like a salesperson in Hot Topic, but an extra on a science fiction show who, in about two scenes, is going to full shift into a villain. And really, wouldn’t that make for an amazing Eurovision entry? It’s a shame that at this rate, it looks like Ukraine will enter Eurovision again only when Putin is iced over in a chilly Siberian grave.

And for those craving even more Melovin, he’s posted a half-hour set of his performance on stage at a music festival – starting at 6:55, he does a semiacoustic version of Under The Ladder which is all whispery and even less intelligible than usual. I LOVE IT.

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