Portugal – O Jardim

While the love story that’s received the most press of the contest this year is Alfred and Almaia from Spain, I think that the hotter story is happening elsewhere on the Iberian peninsula, where Claudia Pascoal and Isaura turn in a smoldering performance of the song O Jardim. (Claudia’s the one with pink hair, and Isaura is the woman with the lace-up top.)

Isaura wrote the song, which is about the death of a lover, and how the one who remains is now consoling themselves by tending to the garden of the one that they lost. It’s beautiful and a fitting follow up to Salvador Sobral’s entry last year.

But on stage – wow! When Claudia and Isaura sing together, bodies swaying in unison over the chorus, it totally looks like they’re a single unit, completely in tune with the needs of the other. Although a romance is not explicitly referred to, the sparks are certainly there.

TWITTER JOKES YOU SHOULDN’T BOTHER MAKING BECAUSE THEY’VE ALREADY BEEN DONE BETTER BY THE EUROFANDOM: Look, not every short-haired brunette lesbian needs to be compared to Rachel Maddow, okay?

SHOULD YOU TAKE A PEE BREAK DURING HIS PERFORMANCE: No! Find another time to water your garden!

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