United Kingdom – Storm

I love Surie. She’s a wonderful performer and a sassy, self-deprecating Essex girl offstage. I want to take her out to brunch post-Eurovision and listen to her stories of all the contestants, and then keep taking her out to brunch every month after that because she’s so funny. I love the fact that she comforted Ari after he crashed out in the first semi-final, and also that she’s tweeting out how happy she was her appearance on Good Morning Britain didn’t involve Piers Morgan.

And her song? Well, it’s not the best, but that hasn’t stopped me from singing along to it every single time I’ve seen it performed live. And every time it’s come up on my Spotify playlist. And every time it starts to rain in London. So yes, I guess what I am saying is that even though I’m not a fan of this song, I love this song.

Surie deserves better than a country that only watches Eurovision on Saturday night and thinks that people don’t vote for them because of the Iraq War or Brexit when in truth people have resented the UK’s evident lack of effort or interest in the contest. The BBC is now taking steps to send great songs to the contest, but it’s early days yet, and we’ll need a few more years before Europe warms up to the UK again.

In the meantime, warm up those pipes, because by the end of the song, you’ll also be singing along to ‘Storms don’t last forever.’

TWITTER JOKES YOU SHOULDN’T BOTHER MAKING BECAUSE THEY’VE ALREADY BEEN DONE BETTER BY THE EUROFANDOM:Jokes about how much her name sounds like Siri. “Hey Surie, what’s the weather today?” “It’s looking cloudy, but remember that storms don’t last forever.”


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