Belarus – Как ты там

So just a day after sweet baby Melovin releases a video that features him running through the snow-covered wilderness, sweet baby Alekseev, that other ex-Soviet state teen idol, releases…

……a video of himself running through the snow-covered wilderness.

Musically, the song isn’t challenging, but this is Alekseev, the man who performed in a LED tracksuit and ended his Eurovision performance by getting shot with an arrow, so who knows what kind of visuals we’ll be getting?

In a way, this is why I love Alekseev – Melovin always had the contact lens to remind you that he was GOTH and WEIRD and EMO. It was a bit tryhard (althoguh I miss his extraness.) Alekseev just seems like a normal mop-topped kid who plays soccer and all of a sudden he’ll hit you with something like pulling off the back of his shirt to reveal a torso full of roses dripping with blood. You never know whether you’re going to get normal heartthrob pouting or something incredibly weird.

And for most of this video, it’s normal heartthrob pouting – Alekseev wandering through the snow; Alekseev posing in front of an incredibly flattering lighting effect, Alekseev and his equally attractive love interest crossing the street on a soundstage.

But all of a sudden, Alekseev’s eating brunch:
screenshot 2019-01-18 at 10.46.18 pm

(Is that white wine or mimosas? I can’t really tell. That looks like a horrible brunch, though. Where’s the avocado toast?)

And then it turns out his cozy breakfast setup is actually on a large stage and he’s been eating brunch in front of an audience this entire time. And it’s like he just remembers, “Oh! There’s an audience sitting out there waiting for me to finish this song!”

screenshot 2019-01-18 at 10.53.52 pm

He runs way from the brunch table (nonplussed girlfriend pouring him more tea) and to a microphone in the middle of the kitchen, where a phantom audience all sings along the chorus (which is highly effective in getting it stuck in your head.)

And then his girlfriend is like, “Oh, I guess brunch is over now” so she…

screenshot 2019-01-18 at 10.45.32 pm

…runs to the full kit of drums located somewhere else in this amazingly large stage/apartment and just starts wailing on them, with a huge drum showcase at the end of what is ostensibly a love ballad but has now become a showcase for Mrs. Buddy Rich.

My god. Can you imagine what horrible neighbors these two would be? Drums and chanting and inadequate brunches just ruining your weekends.

At any rate, Alekseev, bravo for once again pulling an excellent bait-and-switch on me. I thought I was getting a lovelorn wail, and I ended up getting the Russian version of Whiplash. Well done!

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