Georgia – YOU

The pandemic has affected us in lots of ways. Some of us have had breakdowns. Some of us have taken to day drinking. Some of us have thrown our computers out the window in frustration.

But the most interesting case study of lockdown changes has to be Georgia’s Tornike Kipiani.

Remember Tornike? He was scheduled to represent Georgia last year with Take Me As I Am.

But this year? This year, Tornike’s done a 180 and come back as….well, as someone who has mainlined a bunch of meditation tapes and tried to put them into a song.

I mean, just look at this video.

Tornike’s song looks like it was inspired by a Youtube relaxation video. He’s pictured himself listening to the ocean, watching the sunset, wandering through a forest, and (okay, maybe this doesn’t fit) sitting by himself in an uncrowded theater.

In fact, Tornike seems so relaxed, the dude is practically catatonic. Like, this is him on a boat WITH DOLPHINS

And this is him in a lush forest surrounded by plants:

And this is him in the middle of a theatre on stage:

You know resting bitch face? Tornike has resting murder face. He could be super relaxed and enjoying himself in all of these situations, but after watching this video about five times, I’m convinced that the reason he’s by himself in all these shots is not COVID, but that’s he’s killed you off! (Or whoever YOU is supposed to be.)

And once you start thinking about You as a murder ballad, it quickly becomes apparent that it’s not so much of a tonal shift from Take Me As I Am as we first thought.

You do You, Tornike. Just make sure no one else gets hurt along the way!.

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