Norway – Mom

Look, I love Fairytale as much as the next Eurostan, but I’m beginning to find something undeniably creepy about Rybak.

Take, for example, this performance of his new song Mom at Allsang på Grensen.

What is going on here?

A charitable interpretation would be that this is Rybak’s ode to his mother for comforting him after his recent loss in the Eurovision song contest. Look at the lyrics, “Here I am wounded and alone – god knows it hurts to see your son like this.” And yes, that would be the case after watching Rybak fiddle his way through That’s How You Write a Song, a rictus grimace on his face.

But the rest of the song…it’s Creepybak. I feel sorry for any woman trying to date Rybak, because he’s making it pretty clear that there is no other woman who would ‘care like you, love like you’. That’s got to make any woman who might ever date Rybak feel pretty crappy.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 7.56.37 AM.png

Indeed, a thoroughly uncharitable interpretation of the song might not that at one point, Rybak’s mother looks like she’s throwing up a little bit in her mouth (which could be due to any number of things! She may be nervous to be on television! She may have acid reflux! Or she may just hate being paraded out in such a calculated manner on Norweigian television!)

At any rate, it’s clear that Rybak’s title of King of the Nice Boys is just burnished by this release. But can we please keep from encouraging him in the future? Please?

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