Belgium – Soon


Soon Blanche and her all-lady cult are going to break into your house at night and…

…well, did you see the Japanese movie Audition, where some really bad stuff happens? I mean, really bad stuff that I don’t want to spoil but that you can see on the internet elsewhere if you Google it?

I imagine this song being played on the soundtrack of a heinous torture scene in a relationship gone wrong where the woman is getting revenge on her ex for a number of horrible things.

It’s not that any of that is explicitly mentioned in the lyrics, or that Blanche has produced anything that is in any way an unpleasant song. I really like this song! I think it’s beautiful! But it also sounds like it’s the musical accompaniment to a murder-suicide note.

Look, Blanche is fantastic, and one of the reasons I love her so much is that she’s not a cookie-cutter pop idol. Ever since the release of City Lights – the Eurovision entry for the apolcalyptic future where we’ll all be escaping into the woods – I love that she’s got a weirdly sinister vibe coming from her. I mean, this is a teen who’s barely finished high school, and she has me believing that she’s capable of taking out large swathes of humanity. That’s a pretty impressive achievement at such a young age – I hope that she puts it on her college applications.

Long story short – if I have to die by being poisoned at the hand of a loved one, I wouldn’t mind hearing Soon play around me as I descended into the dreamless eternal sleep. It’s just that good, okay?

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