Sweden – I Can Jive

Look, sometimes you just want something that’s fun and uncomplicated, like Rolandz.

I Can Jive is the epitome of Dad Rock. There’s nothing edgy about it – Rolandz is performing in front of a family crowd at a theme park as part of a Swedish summer tradition. The song is so corny that it’s even got dance moves that are the choreographed equivalent of Dad Jokes.

And yet, I love it. I love its uncomplicated nature. I love the fact that in the summer Swedish families go watch pop stars and then ride roller coasters. I love that it’s not trying to be anything it isn’t, like a northern European pop star releasing a cookie-cutter song with a Caribbean beat or Spanish lyrics.

And in a summer where I’ve largely been uninspired by Eurovision artists chasing the latest dance crazy, rather than releasing something that’s true to their original sound, I need a Rolandz to make me happy.

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