Bulgaria – Get It

Aw, ay! The baby chanteuse Kristian Kostov – a man who was born in the year 2000 – has just released a new song in advance of his new EP, Shower Thoughts. And how does it sound?

Look. I love Kristian Kostov, but I’m also a grown adult who remembers the year 2000 quite clearly and is thinking about how wee and tiny Kostov is. It’s not his fault that he’s young! He’s quite accomplished for an 18-year old! It’s just that I can’t really buy into a song telling me to get it get it get it when all I want to do is make him listen to My Chemical Romance’s back catalog.

So yes, the song is good. No complaints there! But this is one that I feel like I could only honestly enjoy if I were a suburban mom shuttling my tween daughter and all of her friends to a Kristian Kostov gig. (Of course my made-up child likes Kristian Kostov. She has taste, you know!)

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