Hungary – X/0

Hungary’s favorite hardcore cuties have released yet another new song in advance of their new album! Yessssssss!

Is it a creepy video? Yes, it’s got a woman walking along in a dark atmospheric wood. I’m guessing that it’s a metaphor for mental illness because she keeps gripping her head? If so shoot that in the park in the daytime, friends, because I kept waiting for the lurky murderer who did not materialise.

And that wasn’t even the scariest thing about the video! Someone has given Ors a chunky microphone with a cord and no stand, and he starts off the video swinging it around, and I was dying from tension by the end of this song. Which band member would Ors accidentally smack in the head with his microphone? Would it be himself? (Spoiler alert: All the members of AWS escape this video without any mic-related injuries.)

So is it a good song? Yes. Yes it is. It’s a screamo hit with some interesting guitar melodies.

Why do you sense that I’m slightly ambivalent about it? Well, it’s not the fault of AWS, but at moments in this song, I kept getting tinges of Bad Religion, the poppunk band that wanted to be the Beach Boys but were too cool to do that. So all of their songs have these melodic choruses in songs that don’t really deserve a melodic chorus because (remember) they are supposed to be ANGRY. And my reaction to Bad Religion (I mean, that name, how old are you) has unfortunately tinged my reaction to a song I would otherwise love.

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