Australia – Zero Gravity

So last night, I was winding down for sleep, when I saw that the latest Australian Eurovision entry had dropped.

“Maybe I should just wait to listen to this tomorrow,” I thought. “After all, I am trying to wind down to get some sleep.” I had just spent the night giving an initial listen to all of Moldova’s entries, and boy, I had earned a night of rest.

And then, because I have poor impulse control, I clicked play.

Wow. I believe the kids would say “Wig snatched”

As the one person in the Sarku Suurhall who was not that impressed by Elina’s performance last year, I can’t believe I love this so much. Opera and Eurovision are usually a recipe for hackneyed interpretations that fall on the bad side of camp. Putting a disco beat behind an aria doesn’t actually make it good, folks.

But this? This is fantastic. It’s a song where opera is an integrated part of the performance, not simply another version of a diva-style melisma. The heights to which the song reaches aren’t showing off, but a demonstration of the feeling of what it’s like to be free from the weight of depression.”

Of course, the better half promptly said, “Hated it. The backup singers do all the work for half of the song.”

He’s wrong though. This is exciting and original and I can’t wait to see it on stage on the Gold Coast.

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