Australia – 2000 and Whatever

So Australia Decides (oh who can keep any of these titles straight anymore) is coming up this weekend, and one song that I’m really intrigued by is Electric Field’s 2000 and Whatever.

I love this song, and I think it’s my second favourite to win after Zero Gravity. But I’m also a little puzzled by this song. I know that it’s got multiple languages in there (Pitjantjatjara and Australian slang) but I must admit that the English parts also tend to confuse me. What, for example, is a Millennial Monroe?

The one thing that’s most worrisome about this is the staging, and whether or not Electric Fields will be able to recreate the banging energy from this in a live performance. A grainy clip exists online that shows that it might work.

I’m rooting for you, Electric Fields, as you’ll bring something brand new to Eurovision.

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