Lithuania – Stop the Presses! Make way for Alen Chicco!

So Monika Marija has committed the crime of dropping Criminal from the Eurovizijos Atranka final, which is annoying because:

a. It’s the better song! and
b. You’re good enough to perform both!

So while LRT decides what kind of punishment they are going to give Monika ‘I’m a Criminal No Really’ Marija, that leaves a vacant spot in the final, which means we get the incredibly unpredictable and very much extra Alen Chicco!

This is Alen Chicco’s performance in his heat:

JESUS ALEN. Do you know how offensive it is to suggest that you’re able to make people who use wheelchairs walk? I mean,I get the song is ‘Your Cure’ but there’s nothing wrong with people who use wheelchairs! They don’t need to be ‘cured’ by you!

He fixed it up for the semifinal, thankfully:

Now,instead of a dancer in a wheelchair, we have a blonde Lithuanian woman doing her best Samuel L. Jackson impersonation.

I honestly can’t wait to see what Alen brings to the final. Heck, imagine what his pantsuit is going to look like this time around!

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