For those who like to bang

So this weekend, we finally got the full Eurovision playlist, and now have a sense as to what we’ll be facing in Tel Aviv come spring.

But as our ongoing investigative series has shown, LESS THAN HALF of the entries are ones to which a person can dance – a situation just exacerbated by the entries from Russia, Israel, and (sob) Sweden, a country which, at the beginning of this season, had songs that banged so hard I was afraid little pieces of Stockholm were going to break off and drift into the Baltic Sea.

So before we get stuck listening to the same songs over the next two months, we here at dudepoints have created a track of this year’s bops – some of which are in the competition, but most of which are not.

Dudepoints Certified Bangers Playlist

If we’re missing any solid platinum bangers from this list, please tweet to us @dudepoints and let us know what we are missing (along with a justification for inclusion, of course).

Now let’s go and dance the frustrations of the past week out of our systems, shall we?

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