Slovenia – Sebi

We’re going to get a solid indie block at Semifinal one, with Poland, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic all taking the stage after Darude.

And of those three indie acts, the one that intimidates me the most is Slovenia.

I’m a confirmed Eurovision hipster. When I’m not listening to cheesy pop music, I’m listening to bands that are so new they haven’t even played their first gig yet. And yet, as hipster as I am, Zala and Gasper are NEXT LEVEL.

I mean, look at their actual video release for Sebi:

Who wears a white turtleneck and white jeans and makes it look cool (aside from Andrew WK, that is)? I look at that outfit and immediately get a coffee stain on it, but Zala is just spacily curled up on a private jet and acts like it’s completely normal.

The other reason I’m a little intimidated by the Sebi duo is that they seem so wrapped up in each other. Do they need us? Do they need Eurovision? Or would they be happier just standing there, staring into each other’s eyes for eternity? Every time I watch their performance, I feel dirty, like I’ve interrupted something really really intimate. (Compare this with Alfred and Almaia, whose performative love just made me roll my eyes.)

Yet while I have this reaction to Sebi, they are at risk of getting lost in the Eurovision shuffle. After the assertive performance that is Tulia, and before the fun poppin’ times of Lake Malawi, will people get a low-key synth bop sung by two people who look like they are just too cool for Eurovision? I hope so, but I don’t know.

FINAL VERDICT: Sebi’s a great song, Zala and Gasper should be living in Iceland, and I hope enough people get this so that it will go through to Saturday.

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