dudepoints presents: Beard Bracket 2019!

In Eurovision 2019, there are a handful of songs that I adore, a handful of songs I actively loathe, and then a whole bunch of okay stuff in the middle. (Semifinal 2 in particular is going to be a hard slog.)

But do you know what I’m loving most about Eurovision 2019? THE BEARDS! Whether it’s the manicured scruff of Lithuania or the full-on facial hair of Portugal or the hidden beard of Hatari, I am wanting to rub my hands all over these fantastic hairy faces. In many instances, the beards are more interesting than the songs.

And so, I’ve set up a Beard Bracket to enable us to jointly crown the winner of Best Beard of Eurovision.

I’ll be posting polls on Twitter daily over the next few weeks, linking the bracket below to posts that outline what’s at stake in the matchup:

Screenshot 2019-04-26 at 21.38.12

Stay tuned for who’s got the best beard!

I’m using a crappy bracket programme to set this up, so I didn’t include the stubble of Tom Hugo (because he’s so blonde you can’t tell) or the beard of the drummer from Carousel (because I know you forgot there was a drummer in Carousel, right?)

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