Lithuania – Mintys

Hey everyone! How’s your Post-Eurovision Depression going? People holding up? Good.

But dudes, I’m a little bit worried about Jurijus from Lithuania. Earlier today he dropped a video for a song called Mintys, which translates in English to ‘Thoughts’

I feel like we’re watching the video version of someone’s scrapbook, because this video takes us on all the best parts of Jurijus’s journey over the past few months – leaving Lithuania, trips to Amsterdam and London, and a delightful shot of him staring blankly at the beach for about ten seconds:

Screenshot 2019-05-31 at 08.37.34.png

And in retrospect, I like how Jurijus is making something positive out of what was an experience where he should have made the final but didn’t due to various jury fuckups. It’s always nice to see someone accepting Eurovision as the gift it truly is.

But this video also makes me slightly sad that someone wise, maybe someone like me, wasn’t there to help Jurijus along the way. I certainly would have warned him:

Screenshot 2019-05-31 at 08.40.33.png

DON’T GO NEAR THE ERSATZ MICKEY MOUSES IN SOHO! You don’t know what you’ll catch! Ewwwww!

At any rate, Jurijus is a class act, and I love him more than ever. Perhaps even more than if he enrolled in a MFA programme. Godspeed, you buff Lithuanian wolf.

(Also this is actually the first single from his new album so go stream that everyone will you?)

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