Sweden – OMG

So many people thought that Wiktoria, who subjected herself to multiple fake rainstorms as part of Melfest, was unjustly robbed when her entry <a href="http://

“>Not With Me didn’t win in favor of yet another solo male vocalist.

(I’d say that the choice to go with John Lundvik was correct because of how things turned out on the eventual scoreboard, but the truth is we don’t know anything anymore. Thanks, Jon Ola. Real smooth.)

And while I admired the evident craft and competence in Wiktoria’s Melfest entry, it wasn’t my favorite because, as you all know by now, I wanted a stone-cold banger to win Melfest. (Again, the eventual scores of Eurovision 2019 might confirm my bias toward bangers, but at this point, WHO KNOWS?)

So I was delighted when Wiktoria released, at last, a bop! Even one with an appropriate summer bop title – the carefree OMG!



Wiktoria, in the name of His Lord and Saviour Max Martin, what are you doing?

You’ve got a great hook.

You’ve got a fantastic and fun colour palette.

You’ve got a group of sassy lady backup dancers.

And you’re using it all on a song asking a man whether or not he loves you?

What a waste!

Listen, Wiktoria, you’ve got a great template here, but some bad content. With a song like this, I don’t want to hear a woman begging to find out whether some (obvious obvious) jabroni likes her.

I want to hear a woman snapping back. I want a kiss off song. I want a bop that’s “Like OMG, you won’t tell me whether or not you love me, so bye boy, because I’m clearly wasting my time on you.”

WIKITORIA. YOU DESERVE BETTER. Please have a long chat with your songwriters, and DTMFA.

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