Czech Republic – Acapella

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when we were all laughing at the number of Fuego clones in Eurovision?

Well, Mikolas Josef heard all of us and said, “Hey! I can do that!” and produced this song:

To be fair to Mikolas,it’s less of a Fuego clone than a Despacito clone, complete with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee tie-ins. (I will take umbrage at the fact that the woman in the video receives more screen time than both of the ‘featuring’ guest artists and yet she received not a whit of recognition!)

And it’s also hard to quibble too hard with a song where the chorus rhymes “Bella” with “forever” and “together”, or a song where the refrain “I can sing it acapella” is not sung acapella.”

It’s like this song was thrown together in a blender of pop culture things that were reaching their crest of popularity five years ago – Justin Bieber, Pitch Perfect, sequined baseball caps,laid-back guitar led summer jams -so it feels both somewhat familiar, somewhat nostalgic, and somewhat stale.

And yet a slightly outdated breezy summer jam is sadly what I’m in the mood for right now. Not Mikolas’s finest effort, but I’ll be grading on a curve because it’s a bop.

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