Estonia – Love Ain’t Gone

When xtra basic and Emily J came on the scene at Eesti Laul earlier this year, I said a small prayer of thanks to the gods. A band with a name that gave endless possibility for jokes was in Eesti Laul with a song that was…well, like the Chainsmokers. EXACTLY what you’d expect from a band named xtra basic – some middle of the road, EDM influenced pop.

And then some funny things happened:
1. xtra basic ended up having a sense of humour about their name.
2. Their song not only held up over multiple listens, but got much, much better
3. Despite their name, xtra basic were trumped in Eesti Laul by the xtraest basic of them all – Victor Crone.

But the Pumpkin Spice Latte swigging Bros from Estonia have bounced back from that setback with a new song – Love ain’t gone – featuring singer Katrin Ruuse:

And yes, this is basic, but in the best way. It’s a country-inflected pop song that’s reminiscent of Anna Bergendahl. It’s the type of song I could see playing over the speakers at an [insert contemporary alt-Nashville acthere] concert, yet also be on Radio 1. It’s got wide appeal and a catchy pop hook.

Indeed, my only complaint about this song is that xtra basic didn’t hold it for a few months and release it in September so it could have qualified for Eesti Laul, because this would have madeit to the final for sure.

My only hope is that the duo have a few more songs up their sleeve to debut at the competition next year. In fact, if they are looking for female vocalist with whom to collaborate, I fit the female part of that bill.

Give it a listen! It’s a good way to ease back into work after a three-day weekend!

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