Estonia – Suvemees

Remember Öed, the lady pop-rap group that unjustifiably crashed out of Eesti Laul in the semifinals with their silly social media ode Öhuloss?

Well, they are back with a new song, whose title translates to Summer Man!

This is the perfect song to drop before Memorial Day (or the second May Bank Holiday weekend.) Not just because the title of the song is Summer Man, but because Suvemees is easily a contender for song of the summer. It’s effortlessly danceable (which is why I’m getting strange looks on this train) and has a hook that is begging to be screamed from the middle of a dance floor.

Seriously – check back with me in September and tell me if there’s a better song than this to be released all summer. I’ve listened to it five times in a row now and I’m still not over it.

Öed are blowing the Post Eurovision Depression out of my brain with this candy-coloured funk blast. They’ve made me feel better than the new Carly Rae Jepsen album,which is high praise indeed.

Any Estonians out there who want to give the lowdown on Öed and what they’re all about,because they deserve a presence bigger than Estonia (no offense Estonia because you’re awesome and we all know that but your entire population could fit into London and still make the city feel empty.) I’m obsessed. I want to know how they met! When they decided to be the awesome Estonian Ace Wilders that I didn’t know I needed! Where I can get those clothes!

Oh, and non-Estonians out there? Listen to their songs!

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