France – Vomi Noir

Hey! Remember Twin Twin, those loveable scamps who represented France in the 2014 Eurovision song contest with the goofy bop Moustache? They’ve just released a new album and I can’t wait to see what other silly songs they’ve got for us! Let’s watch one of the, Vomi Noir!

And uh okay. That was NOT what I was expecting!

That doesn’t mean that it’s bad. Indeed, I really love this music style for Twin Twin (which is different than anything else that is on their new album.) It’s angry. It’s loud. It’s Twin Twin literally yelling “Rage rage motherfucker! Black vomit motherfucker!”

I have been unable to find any lyrics for this song, but I can’t wait to see the translation when I do.

But yes, in the midst of the lead-up to European elections, I like my music angry, and I’m very glad to see that Twin Twin does as well.

Oh, and to give you a sense of what the rest of the album sounds like, here’s the video for the title track of the album, which is a bit more like the lazy flows that are associated with the band:

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