Latvia – Dive Deep

So I was disappointed to lose a lot of Latvia’s entries in the first bloodbath of 2020, but the song I was saddest to lose was Aivo Oskis’s Dive Deep. Have you heard it?

No, I mean, have you REALLY heard it?

Look, do me a favour right now and just listen to it. Listen to it with your eyes closed and your ears wide, wide open:

Okay, have you listened to it? I mean really listened to it? With all the lyrics and everything?


Now tell me this isn’t a song about cunnilingus.

What evidence do I have?

1. It’s called Dive Deep.

2. It’s a slow jam, which is clearly the sexiest type of song ever.

3. In case you missed it, it’s called DIVE DEEP.

4. The first time I heard Aivo Oskis sing, “I’m going to live laugh love and learn,” I really honestly thought he was singing, “I’m going to lip love lap and learn”. What is lip love but a slang term for cunnilingus? And lap and learn just describes his own particular technique.

5. In the first verse, Aivo sings, “It felt so right/I was down for the ride.”

Look, I get that he’s using metaphors about oceans, but I don’t know how else to deconstruct this for you without drawing you a diagram and this is a blog, not a sex education class. But as an avid reader of romance novels, trust me – this song is clearly an ode to cunnilingus.

Aivo, I’m really sorry you didn’t get to bring this to the Supernova stage, let alone Rotter(dental)dam ,but I hope that your national proclamation that you like to get down with the ladies will soon have a beneficial effect. See you next Supernova!

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