If you had asked me last year which country would end up having the most exciting national final, Lithuania would not have been at the top of my list.

But here we are, in the middle of NF frenzy, and Lithuania has been dishing up a can’t miss national final every single week.  (We’ll save our ire at LRT just giving our tickets at a random location in Kaunas rather than selling them to  for a later post.)

And on Saturday, they have to winnow down all of their amazing songs to ONE.  It’s going to be a bloodbath, and my nerves might not be able to stand it.

I mean, we’ve already lost great stuff, like:

….joke Lithuanian band Twosome, who despite being a joke band that sound like they compose on a Nokia phone, have a song that I STILL play in heavy rotation, and….

….Gabrieulus Vagelis and his inexplicable choice to wear a stage outfit reminiscent of my junior high school lab partner, Missy, and…

….Petunija’s Show Ya, which has indeed made Lithuania famous for churning out the hits this year!

(Lukas Norkunas, your meltdown was one of the things that made the show appointment streaming, but for all the wrong reasons. Please, focus on being the moody Lithuanian philosophy major coffeeshop alternative to Chris Evans.)


We’ve got fun stuff like Alligator:


… and the Drip

…and Monique.

And we should be sending all of them to Rotterdam, but for some reason, the EBU doesn’t allow countries with two or more absolute bangers to send them.
So instead of enjoying whatever fantastic outfit KaYra ends up wearing this week, I’m going to be sitting there in dread awaiting the results.
And yes, people, I know I haven’t mentioned the Roop, the likely winners here, but that’s because I am in denial.


Yes, their song is catchy, and yes, the dance moves are ones that I’m sure I’ll be doing in Rotterdam, but in a year with geniusly misspelled names like KaYra and Meandi, I can’t quite hop on the fiery Roop train.

So Saturday is going to be tough, saving goodbye to our favourites. Please be gently with others stanning the overall high quality here, because we know that at least a third of our community is going to be heartbroken. But even with all that, VOTE ALLIGATOR OR DRIP!

(But why, I hear some of you asking, haven’t you mentioned Monika Marijia? Have you heard Monika’s song? She is incredibly talented and, in a ironic counterpoint, also incredibly bland. If her country western lite song goes to Eurovision, it will be completely lost in the competition, whereas everything else Lithuania could send will make viewers sit up and take notice – an important advantage in voting!)




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