Guest Blog: Australia and Technicolour

Today’s blog comes as a guest rant from The Person I Live With. I’m just transcribing here.

“Hey, all. I’m The Person Dude Lives With, and I’m here to ask you: Are you out of your minds?

Look, I admit that I’m a casual Eurovision fan. I spent my Saturday nights playing video games, not watching National Finals. But living with Dude means that Eurovision just kind of seeps into my brain. Like, I can sing all the joik parts in KEiiNO songs, and I’ve seen Hatari live multiple times, and – don’t tell Dude – I know all the hairography from Fuego.

And because of this, I think I have enough knowledge to once again ask: Are you out of your damn minds?

I’ve heard (secondhand, through the podcasts that get played in the apartment that we share because Dude doesn’t really know how to use headphones in a common space, ahem) that some elements of the fandom aren’t absolutely gagged over Montaigne’s Technicolour.

And I would like to present Exhibit A in Why You Are All Wrong:


Here’s what it’s got:

  • The sound of NOW
  • Amazing vocals that she carries off despite dancing outdoors in a stadium
  • Style and lazers
  • Giving the kiss-off to all you nasty dudes. (Seriously, Montaigne does not need all you nasty dudes dissing this stone-cold classic)

I’ve sat through hundreds and hundreds of Eurovision entries. (Somehow, the noise seeps through the noise-cancelling headphones I wear when gaming on Saturday nights). I know when a song is bad. And this is not one of them. Rather, this song is the one that I ask Dude to put on repeat when she’s listening to a Eurovision playlist.

Take it from me, as a person who likes nothing but female-fronted indie pop music – this is A GREAT SONG. And I’ll fight anyone who disagrees with me. I’m prepared to thrown down in defense of Montaigne in front of the Ahoy Arena. (Well, I would be if I were vaccinated.)”

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