The insights we *really* need from Pornhub

So earlier this week Pornhub released its annual “insights” from the Eurovision Song Contest, which bascially boils down to “People watch less porn when Eurovision is on.”

This, Pornhub, is not an exciting insight.

I mean, yes, it’s nice to be able to quantify the percentage decrease in Pornhub activity by country (and for some weird reason, Israel had a 1% increase?)

But all these statistics lay out is the use of a website in a particular country while an unrelated television show happens to be on.

If Pornhub *really* wants to provide data on any correlation between Eurovision and porn, it would be helpful if they could release the data on an increase in associated searches. For example, in 2014, was there an uptick in searches for “milkmaids” following the Poland 2014 performance? (Maybe the Poland 2019 performance as well I don’t know how specific your kink is!)

And given that this year’s winners caused so many of us to use that “bonk! horny jail!” meme, I think there is a solid research question shaping up here!

Because I do not have access to Pornhub files (and haven’t bothered to deactivate “safe search” on my phone to even open the original link), I decided to quickly do some associated Google trends searches to further make the case for a deeper level of analysis from Pornhub.

For example, here’s a graph showing the peaks for the search term “moldova sexy” on Google over the past 90 days. There’s clearly one spike on May 19, the day after the first semifinal. (I can’t explain the peak in April, however, and I don’t care to investigate further.)

Perhaps an analysis of Google trends could have more clearly indicated the winner of Eurovision:

…or not

Okay, maybe Eurovision hasn’t had as much of an impact on the sexual fantasies of Europe as one might expect:

But I’m not the porn expert here! Pornhub is! And if they really want to contribute to our understanding of the impact of Eurovision, they need to be doing the data analysis that Google doesn’t have.

Expect a sternly worded letter from me next year, Pornhub.

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