The Netherlands – De Diepte by S10

Here’s my disclaimer: As a certified banger slut, I generally hate any song that’s under 120 BPM. I believe Eurovision should be bright colours and sequins and chest pumping dance moves, and usually find most ballads boring.

Well, the Dutch ballad De Diepte is very much not boring.

The lyrics are standard broken heart fare, but that voice! That glorious, ethereal, haunting voice! I could listen to her croon sadboi anthems all day and ask for more!

It also helps that despite being a ballad, De Diepte has a solid hook – the “oooooh aaaaaa” chorus is an automatic singalong, even though I end up trailing off after it into nonsense because I don’t speak any Dutch.

With the right staging, I can see this being a jury winner. (Although I was also equally sure about the absolutely gorgeous “Birth of a New Age” to see it get absolutely ignored.)

Anyway, if all ballads were like this, maybe I would’t be so gung ho on the bangers.

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