Israel – I.M. by Michael Ben David

Congratulations to Michael Ben David, winner of Israel’s Drag Race! You slayed to get that crown, hunty!

Look, by all available metrics, this song is not a good song. It And I don’t care because I love it. (I’m not just say that because I appear in the video, swear to god):

It’s okay if you missed me

Yes, the song sounds like someone fed a neural network the entire Werq the World cast and this is what resulted. But as a staunch defender of disposable pop, I don’t care. You think all those male ballads don’t sound exactly the same to me?

Also, the key to any song like this is selling it. Michael Ben David hasn’t been doing many preparties, but his live performance from X Factor clearly demonstrates his charisma:

Is this going to win? No. Is it fun? Yes. Let’s just enjoy it for what it is.

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