Azerbaijan: TuralTuranX and Tell Me More

There’s a lot to like about TuralTuranX’s Tell Me More. The whole thing has a retro-90s jingle jangle guitar quality, with just enough Beatles thrown in to make it perfect for Liverpool. Musically, it’s got something fresh and original for the contest.

Because I am me, however, none of those are reasons I like this song. No, the reason I LOVE TuralTuranX is … well, maybe it’s just better to show you:

A goofy man in a red hat walks down the street before doing a big leap in the air



Remember that guy in the red hat? LIFE IS MUSIC HE IS A COMPOSER. He's walking down the street getting inspiration.

THAT MOMENT OF GENIUS (he is a composer)


It's the man in the red hat swaying side to side like he doesn't have a care in the world

DOOT DOOT DOOT look at me just walking down the street

All of that is contrasted with a twin so cool he can simply roll out of bed, stroll down the street in his pajamas, and assemble a full backing band for his raps.

The Cool Twin strutting down the street with his backup band

I have watched this video so many times now and it just gets funnier and funnier to me. The song is nice, but the narrative? Priceless.

It’s not like Eurovision has been lacking in twins. We had the Tomalchevy Sisters from Russia, Jedward from Ireland, and Marcus and Martinus in this year’s Melfest. Yet while other twins have leaned hard into their sameness, Tural and Turan are very much presenting two different personalities. One is the angsty bad boy, who’s saying things like:

Bad boy twin says "I'll die from the emotions that I kept down for years, baby!'

…while the other one is the first manifestation of a Manic Pixie Dream Guy that we’ve seen in Eurovision.

Red hat guy still doot doot doot strutting his way around town


At this point, I don’t even care about the person on the other end of that voicemail. I want to know about these twins. Why are they so different? How do they collaborate? Do they get on each other’s nerves?

Fortunately, all of this becomes clear about 1:47 into the song, when they meet up in a windswept plaza and…

Bad Boy Twin and Red Hat Guy meet and do a very big handshake.

…share a robust handshake like they’re meeting each other for the first time.

Turns out, the Bad Boy was just putting up a front. They’re both huge earnest dorks!

Yep, Tural and Turan are delightful softbois who just want to put on the floppiest of bows and sing love songs. Love songs where the “me” come before the “you” and “us”, which is a pretty clear indication that you’ll be playing second fiddle to this literal bromance, but love songs nonetheless.

In a contest where entrants and their images are often polished to a high shine, it’s refreshing to come across a duo who are very very talented but also seem like they’ve managed to just wander into this whole Eurovision thing. I hope some of their dorkiness remains in their Liverpool staging.

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