Georgia – For You

I love ethno-jazz band Iriao. This song is like a soothing lullaby; the musical equivalent of ASMR videos. It should be played on a loop in those relaxation salt water tanks, or licensed to meditation app developers, but instead, it’s performing at Eurovision. So enjoy smooth jazz Iriao while you can, because this song is GOING OUT tonight. (Guys, one Sobral win does not a jazz contest make.)

And while Georgia’s song is relaxing, there was a great deal of suspense before it was announced. The picture below is an image of ethnojazz band Iriao.

Notice anything different? Take another look.

That’s right. Only six people are allowed on stage under Eurovision rules. Iriao has seven. And that means Mr. Moustache was ditched for the performance. O Georgian Frank Purdue, we barely knew ye!

TWITTER JOKES YOU SHOULDN’T BOTHER MAKING BECAUSE THEY’VE ALREADY BEEN DONE BETTER BY THE EUROFANDOM: All the funny Iriao jokes were made months ago before they even released their song, so give up.

SHOULD YOU TAKE A PEE BREAK DURING THIS PERFORMANCE: Normally, I’d be like – ballad, yes, pee – but Iriao are just so pleasant to listen to! Stay put!

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