UK – Taking It Over

Taking It Over

During this year’s Eurovision, SuRie rose above a terrifying stage invasion to triumphantly finish her song Storm. While she dealt with it brilliantly, it shook many of the hardcore eurofans in the audience, all of whom had become charmed by her self-deprecating nature. In that moment, she became a singer we liked (with a song that didn’t do her talents justice) to a singer to whom we would pledge undying fealty. Whatever she commands, we deliver.

So I’m pleased to report that SuRie’s latest song, Taking It Over, is a certified work-friendly banger. It’s not going to blow up the dance floor, but when it comes on your earphones in your open plan office, you’re going to be inspired to crush whatever spreadsheet you’re working on. YOU’RE TAKING IT OVER, BEEYOTCH!

The charming thing about this song is that SuRie’s British accent is apparent in her singing voice. When she sings, “Won’t lahst forever” or “swohp seats” I revel in her rounded vowels.

Most of all, Taking It Over is an endorsement of SuRie’s obvious talent and ability to make a song hers. There is a layer of electronic effects throughout the song, and yet, somehow none of that detracts from her own voice.

I’m part of the “Draft SuRie for Eurovision 2019” movement, and although it was originally motivated by that horrible jerk who took away her moment, it’s also because she’s a gem and fun and is turning perceptions of the UK’s disinterest in Eurovision around. I want to see and hear more from her, and I can’t wait to hear her next song.

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