Poland – Łowcy

I started writing a post about how much I hate Cleo’s Łowcy (with the killer opener “Łowcy? More like Lazy!” and then my computer crashed in the middle of my draft (as I was explaining the misogyny of Cleo’s 2014 Eurovision entry) and I thought: “You know what? Cleo’s too lazy to bother releasing an actual World Cup song, and has instead just ripped off one of her songs (Łowcy Gwiazd) earlier this year.

In Łowcy, Cleo’s simply added some football lyrics and ‘Go Polands!’ and posed for a series of heavily retouched cheesecake photos in a stadium somewhere, and then put them together in what amounts to a glorified powerpoint. It’s lazy, and sexist, and insulting. I feel like that if I spent any more time crafting a takedown of it, it’ll be more effort than Cleo herself put into it.

So no. If you want to find the song, google it or something. I can’t encourage what is easily THE WORST World Cup song of all time – and that is saying a great deal.

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