Sweden – Heatwave

Yes, another Swedish post. I know, I know. There are 43 countries that compete in Eurovision. Why another Swedish post? Truth be told, Sweden’s the only country churning out pop at a sufficient level to sustain my blog thirst.

And today, we have Dotter, the Nicole Kidman look alike who competed in Melodifestivalen earlier this year, and has come back with something that seems like a sexy video? I don’t know. She’s in a bed, she’s in a bath, but if it’s a heatwave, there’s a remarkable lack of sweat. Or fans. (And, as Ida Maria taught us, there’s no air-conditioning in Scandinavia.)

Honestly, I’m just so relieved to see a non-World Cup song that I’m tempted to give this song a pass. But like a heatwave, I’m left limp and listless by this song. I’ve listened to it a bunch of times, but can’t remember any of the tune, just the images. In fact, the one lasting question I have from this video is: “How does Dotter pull off those bangs? Is it some sort of removable fringe?”

So on the whole, a big MEH from me, but a 10/10 if I’m comparing it to anything associated with the World Cup.

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