Hungary – Hol Voltál?

I made fun of AWS last week for releasing a trailer for this song:

And now I’m going to make fun of them again for releasing a trailer that doesn’t include the best bit: Soma’s slo-mo bass twirl:

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 8.08.53 AM

I mean, I like emo, but I love choreographed emo!

Anyway, the song itself is a banger, full of the churn and sturm we’ve come to expect from AWS, and in a summer full of faux-Caribbean beats, I couldn’t be happier to have this as an antidote.

As you’d expect from AWS, it’s a dark and emotional song, reading almost like lead singer Ors is narrating a letter to his haters from beyond the grave. Of course, it’s translated into the best visual every, which involves Ors at a bar essentially shouting directly into people’s ears:

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 8.07.43 AM

Can you imagine how awkward this must have been to film? Especially because Ors is lip-syncing for the cameras – does he totally go for it and let out a scream to seem realistic, or is he just awkwardly blowing hot air into the faces of the people he’s mad at?

At any rate, I’m so glad to see new music from AWS, who were my favorite surprise this Eurovision season, and I’m looking forward to seeing them release angry and hurt music for years to come.

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