Poland – One Last Time



Is the coast clear?

Have Zibbz walked away?

Do they believe my story about a friend’s cat swallowing a bee?

Okay, if so, great, because that means we can spend time listening to Gromee’s new track, featuring Jesper Jenset!

And it’s…okay?

I mean, I kind of wish Jesper Jensen was wearing a patented Gromee hat. Look at this guy:

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 8.53.10 PM

But the song is bouncy and inoffensive and not in any way differentiated from any other DJ-driven track with a pleasant voice over it.

Most importantly, it’s not by Zibbz. Not a single Swiss sibling was featured in this song.

And for that alone, I am rating this as one of the songs of the summer. Keep it up, Gromee. I’ll listen to any number of generic beats with your fish hands to keep me from spending any more brain energy on Zibbz!

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