UK – Take Me Home

Fact: On Tuesday, Electro Velvet (who?) released their not-at-all-anticipated follow up to their 2015 Eurovision entry Still In Love With You.

Fact: I listened to it that night so I could bring an unbiased review to you, the readers clamoring for Eurovision news (although maybe not specifically news about Electro Velvet, a band that came in 24th in the 2015 Eurovision contest.)

Fact: I woke up on Wednesday morning with a crippling migraine that kept me bedridden for more than 24 hours.

Now, I’m not going to suggest that all of these factual events are somehow causal. I am in no way suggesting that the new Electro Velvet release caused my debilitating headache. I’m just presenting the facts to let you all draw your own conclusion.

The new Electro Velvet song is here for you to listen to…if you dare.

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