France – La voix d’Aretha

So Destination Eurovision starts this week, and I thought I’d prep by listening to some of the entries and I came across this…

…yes, a Eurovision pop song devoted to the memory of Aretha Franklin’s Respect.

A few thoughts:
1. Wow. That’s…something?
2. Let me understand: you’re channeling the Queen of Soul with a mediocre pop song for Eurovision? I’ve only heard about a minute of the song, so I assume that you’re going to bring it on stage, right? Because that’s the only way that this song could ever work.
3. Also, calling yourself The Divaz makes you sound like a Kidz Bop tribute act performing at the local Chuck-E-Cheese. Please, lose the Z and find a name that better suits your talents. Please. You seem like nice people, and I want you to succeed.

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