Yes, yes, I know there are like a million Eurovision entries I haven’t caught up on, and I should really be concentrating on actually paying attention to Albania, but this year’s Eurovizijos Atranka will be missing my favorite contestant, Vidas Barekis, who has apparently transitioned in the past year from actor who occasionally releases parody songs to an artist who is now just a full-on LMFAO-style festival feature in Lithuania. So maybe he’s too busy taking road trips with his bros to mess with Eurovision anymore, but I’m still going to drop everything to watch one of his new videos.

And such is the case with Man Taip Patinka. Vidas has apparently inherited the discarded contact lens of Melovin and is now going to town with a song about…well, I don’t know what it’s about. I mean, Google tells me that the song title translates to “I Like It”. In that case, it means Vidas likes: pixellated images of men, hospital scrub-clad ninjas, redheads, brunettes, large families, cars with legs hanging out of them, smashing pianos, and tattoos. I can get on board with that!

So after you’ve sat through heat 24 of Eurovizijos Atranka, maybe come back and revisit this song as a palate cleanser. The Vidas weirdness is still out there, fortunately.

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