Estonia – High Heels in the Neighbourhood

Video can be found here

So I took a quick break from Eurovision life because of real life, but I am back and so excited to catch up on everything that’s occured over the past few months, like Eesti Laul, the single best Eurovision qualifying contest on the continent. Every year, Eesti Laul brings us an eclectic list of qualifiers, ranging from goth metal to dreadlocked folk to whatever it is that Stig Rasta feels like churning out this year (and I should make it clear that whatever Stig does churn out, I will listen to it reverently.)

So the first Eesti Laul entry I’ve been listening to is…The Swingers, Tanja & Birgit with the song High Heels in the Neighbourhood, and it’s a jazzy little number. I don’t think it will get anywhere in Eesti Laul, but it’s upbeat and fun and, on the plus plus plus side, brings us an excellent opportunity to create yet more epic sax memes on stage.

But then, looking at the lyrics, it becomes kind of ominous. Does Estonia have roving gangs of women who run through the streets in party gowns and high heels, prepared to attack unsuspecting people with their psychological torture methods? If not, why has your Mama had to remind you to hide from them, turning the light off and shutting the door to ensure these high-heeled women stay out?

I guess it all depends on the interpretation of the lyric: “Watch out, they came for good” which either implies that the women in high heels are arriving to impose a benevolent tyranny, OR that they have moved in and like cockroaches, will never ever ever ever leave your neighbourhood again, dancing gleefully on your bones in their red dresses and high heels.

I know which interpretation *I* prefer! Here’s to the vigilante Amazon army of Estonia. Long may they reign!

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