Sweden – Good Intentions

So we all know that Good Intentions, one of the singles from Benjamin Ingrosso’s new album, is a consent disaster AND an incredibly catchy tune. Maybe in six months I’ll be ready to listen to this, but right now, any song with a man talking about how he has ‘good intentions’ and ‘wants to behave’ is going to make me throw a rock through a window to smash the patriarchy.

It’s almost like Benjamin has heard me, because he’s released a minute-long snippet of a music video for this song:

And what’s the major feature of it? Benjamin Ingrosso sliding jackets on and off his shoulders in heat vision.

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 8.11.58 AM

Is this the best video ever? Well, no, because of consent disaster, but Benjamin Ingrosso can make jackets sing. In fact, I’d love to lay the footage of this video over something like Good Lovin’ or Dance You Off or another fun Ingrosso song and then just watch it on a loop.

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