Spain – La Venda

Okay, Spain.

I didn’t bother to watch Operacion Triunfo this year because, well, because in 2017, you sent Manel Navarro, an entry that reeked of Abercrombie bro privilege, and in 2018, you sent an act of two young adults who had to pretend to be in love with each other for the entire Eurovision season BUT ALSO pretend to be deeply interested in the other person’s esophagus during the performance. So I didn’t really expect a lot out of you in 2019.

Boy, was I wrong!

La Venda is a capital-B banger. It’s a party song. It’s got high school band members. It’s got a reference to Ricky Martin. It’s got a big clap-along part in the middle. It can, in the right light, be construed as a cry to rise up against capitalism. But most importantly, it has me, a non-Spanish speaker, running around my apartment screaming ‘La Vende Iaca Yooooooooooooo”

This song gives me deep joy. It’s finally a song that’s worthy of the passion that Spanish fans bring to the competition every year. And it’s a song that is going to make the arena in Tel Aviv explode with screaming and chanting and dancing. I CAN’T WAIT!

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