Lithuania – I Don’t Care

I know that in the Eurofandom, stans are gutted that favourites like Florina and Gabriela were kicked out of the contest in their semifinals – not even making it to the National Final! – and I feel their pain.

Because MY favourite in Eurovizijos Atranka was unceremoniously booted from the competition on Saturday night, with a grand total of ZERO points from the jury:

Banzzzai is an Ace Wilder for the Baltics. I mean, an older, portlier, more Santa Claus-ish Ace Wilder who can’t actually sing but moves pretty well. And I love him and his dinky electric harp.

Forget the song – we all know it’s a ripoff of Psy. It’s the lyrics that are great. Let’s analyze:

The key point is that Banzzzai doesn’t care. If I want to dance with boys, or buy expensive toys, it’s all fine! He just doesn’t care.

In a world where women have the quest for perfection ingrained in their societal expectations, do you realise how freeing this song is? Were you too tired to make a real dinner and instead ended up eating a granola bar and Pringles? Did you drunk Amazon and accidentally buy too many Korean skin masks? Did you snap at someone in a meeting because you just can’t pretend to nice to idiots anymore? He doesn’t care! It’s okay – live your life and do what you want. No judgment here!

And then he goes into a scat solo.

For the rest of the year, whenever I have a moment of crisis, I’m going to imagine a man with a spray on beard and a horrid red leather jacket growling ‘I Don’t Care’ because, in truth, most people really don’t give a crap what you do or do not end up doing.

Banzzzai is the reminder that we all need to just live our lives without being crushed to meet the unrealistic expectations placed on us by others. Thank you, sweet angel. I’m sorry that the rest of the world won’t experience your cinnamon roll pureness.

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