France: Destination Eurovision predictions

We are at the part of Eurovision season where I feel like I’m constantly behind the curve! So many new songs! So many shows happening every Saturday night! But this Saturday,I’m going to finish spending my time with Christophe Willem and the gang over at Destination Eurovision so I can see how the whole thing pans out.

And my grand prediction is that Emmanuel Moire will win the whole thing with La Promesse.

Yes, like you, I want to see France represented by a genderfluid Arab teen, but I have reasons for my prediction:

First, France 2 gave Moire the honour of covering Loreen’s Euphoria, widely acknowledged by everyone as the greatest Eurovision song of all time, and you don’t let people sing that song unless they are winners.

Secondly, Moire is, sadly, the safe choice. He’s attractive. He’s manly. He’s already a bit of a celebrity from his musical theater career, and he’s viewed as more familiar than either Bilal, but not quite as Adele carbon copy as Seemone.

I really wish it weren’t going to end up this way, and will be very happy to be wrong. After all, this is the man who ruined one of the most bulletproof songs of all time, A-ha’s Take on Me:

(Go Bilal! Go Aysat!)

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