Hungary: A Dal Heat 2 Previews

A Dal is back tonight, and here’s what you can expect to see:

Acoustic Planet – Nyári zápor

Look, Acoustic Planet, you’ve been asked to write a song for Eurovision, not your local news station’s programme about community events. This is supposed to be a big anthem about love and peace, not something that sounds like it’s the lead-in to a puff piece about the winner of the dog show.

Bence Varva – SZÓTLANSÁG

First of all, I like this song because the entire video centers around a woman burning something, and women who commit arson are my bag. Secondly, Bence has a slow jam voice to rival that of Oliver Berkes. Finally, there’s a key change in the last bit of the song- have we had any good key changes this year? No!

David Heatlie – La Mama Hotel

Would someone please take away this man’s record scratcher? I don’t know why I hate this song so much, but I do. Perhaps it’s because he’s created a catchy and completely annoying hook. Perhaps because he’s got an incredibly nasal voice. Perhaps it’s the gratuitous metal hook that comes in teh third act of the song to make up for the fact that the lyricist has run out of steam. Whatever it is, please don’t send this, Hungary.

Diana – Little Bird

I wanted to make fun of this song because it contains a great example of Eurovision English (Angry wolf/tell me why you rage/Is it because/you’re locked up in a cage?) but I can’t because it’s incredibly catchy and well-produced. I’ve had this song playing in the background of my mental soundtrack for days without realising it, but even though I’ve only listened to it a few times, it feels like a song I’ve known for years.

Fatal Error – Kulcs

Oh wow! Fatal Error is introduced by Ors from AWS, giving the band an immediate bit of Eurovision cred.

I like this song a lot, despite the season’s first appearance of white dreadlocks, because it’s a solid bit of pop punk, and the headbanging in this song rivals Eleni’s in Fuego. But c’mon, guys, you can’t find a single woman with whom to rock out?

Gotthy – Csak 1 perc

So Gotthy’s released a lyric video where there are very large lyrics being projected next to his face, and yet somehow, all I can focus on is his soulpatch. Of course he’s the type of guy to call you ‘Baby’. It’s fine but just too mellow and Ibiza-lite to get me excited about its prospects.

Klara Hajdu – You’re Gonna Rise

Klara’s song is nice, but I can’t help but think how much more this would fit into the soft-jazz heavy lineup they’ve got over in Vilnius. You’re Gonna Rise would be fantastic to hear as the theme song to an educational children’s television show in Hungary, but this type of slow ballad just isn’t my thing.

The Middletonz – Roses

First of all, any band that spells their name with an unnecessary Z should automatically be barred from competition. It’s not making you quirky at all.
Secondly, I feel like this song sounds like something from the cutting floor of a Rihanna recording session, which is NOT a compliment, because all I can do is just think about how much more awesome this song would be if Rihanna sang it.

Sigh. Look, it’s catchy, but it’s another song from an all-male band in A Dal whining about a woman. It’s a lot of one-sided perspectives, and I just can’t take an entire competition of this, okay?

The Sign – Ő

Cute video! There’s a tiny dog in this! But again, I feel like this is something that could be performed by a busker in the Budapest metro. There’s nothing remarkably original about it.

Yes Yes – Incomplete

I don’t hear an electronic accordion in this. THERE BETTER BE AN ELECTRIC ACCORDION, YesYes. The whole reason I say YesYes to you is that you’ve got a hunky lead singer who can totally rip it up on the accordion. Man, that was about the sexiest moment in all of A Dal last year.

And, for those of you counting – tonight’s A Dal gender balance will be: 13 men, and 3 women. Better than last week, but women still make up LESS THAN A QUARTER of A Dal participants tonight. Come on, Hungary. DO BETTER.

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