Latvia – Supernova Heat 1 Preview

No no no no no no no I’m so behind!

Samanta Tina – Cutting the Wire

There are so many things I like about this song – the powerhouse vocals, the big sounds behind it. And then there are so many things which are completely weird about this song.

Take, for example, the song title – Cutting the Wire – and the reference to phones. Samanta, everyone’s cut the wire these days. We’re all on mobile phones, so unless this is your breakup song with Latvia’s national telecom system, it seems a bit weird.

Also, your lyric video transcribes ‘Oooooooh’ as the above, which is clearly pronounced ‘ooo'(rhyming with you) rather than ‘ooh’ (rhyming with snow). It’s just not on.

Edgars Krellis – Cherry Absinthe

Okay, this is a banger, but who drinks cherry absinthe? Absinthe is a vile drink anyway, and adding cherry flavouring to it just makes it taste even more like cough syrup. You should be focusing on finding a romantic partner who doesn’t force you to drink disgusting stuff like cherry absinthe.

Elza Rozentale – You Came on Tiptoe

This song is very low key for a very long time. A very very very long time. When the electric part finally kicks in about a minute in, I’ve tiptoed off to sleep. Again, an okay song, but not really my bag.

Aivo Oskis – Somebody’s Got My Lover

Okay.this is a genuine banger which I would happily put on a mix, but it just doesn’t seem to have enough…oomph to make it to Eurovision. It’s danceable but bland at the same time, if possible and will take considerable charm from Oskis to send it to the grand show.

Alekss Silvers – Fireworks

Don’t call your song Fireworks if you’re not prepared to bring them, Alekss.

Līga Rīdere – Būšu Tepat

Oooh, Liga is bringing out a power ballad that sounds like it was written in 1986! That’s not a criticism, but a deliberate stylistic choice, and one of which I approve heartily. I don’t like ballads, but I do like women who sound like they have giant hair emoting their hearts out. Maybe Liga can do something about the hair situation for the final.

Kris & Oz – Midnight Streets

Hello darlings – the soft jazz club is one country over in Vilnius. Love the sequined beret, though.

(Seriously, though, can you imagine what Aminata would do with this song?)

Laime pilnīga – Awe

Laime, I’m going to give you the same note I gave your friends Alekss. Don’t call a song ‘Awe’ if it’s not going to inspire Awe.

My quick prediction: the four acts to go from this semi are:
Edgars Krellis
Alvo Oskis
and I hope Liga Ridere

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