Lithuania – Mažulė

Watching Lithuania’s Eurovizijos Atranka is like going to a thrift store. You have to sift through piles of unwanted stuff until you land on an absolute gem. Or at least a pair of throwback American flag platform mules (an actual thrift purchase from me, actually.)

And after watching the (fan tribute? fan protest?) to Estonia’s entry last year, I had low low hopes for Lithuania.

Then a bunch of guys who looked like a fantasy football league trying to find something to do in their off-season showed up on stage, and ….

…. Magic!

The first thirty seconds of this song, I give you, was not great, but then the choreography started. I don’t know what it is about six schlubby dudes in weird outfits dancing in lock step, but I tend to love it because it makes it very clear – these guys are putting in the effort. They aren’t phoning it in, they aren’t posing on stage and hitting flat notes – they are here to entertain.

I googled them later and found out that this group has actually been around in Lithuania for years, and has released albums and performed internationally and are on Spotify! It’s not just six guys who decided on a whim to try out for Eurovision! And while that makes it marginally less endearing, I’m also impressed that they’ve managed to make a living bringing this schtick to the public.

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