Latvia – You Make Me So Crazy

Markus Riva, that stalwart entry of Supernova for the PAST SIX YEARS, is back once more, with a genuinely good banger called You Make Me So Crazy.

But Markus Riva, being Markus Riva, has given us so so so much to love beyond a good song.

He’s dressed like a Brentwood Pick Up Artist circa 2002. I’m a little scared he’s going to walk into a bar and do some close-up magic at me (or, failing that, neg me and then tell me about how the Matrix is the best movie ever.)

We’re talking about a situation with vinyl pants (which, since they don’t breathe, must be super uncomfortable to dance in) and a harness. Not like a Hatari bondage harness, but a super-tactical macho harness in case he needs to, I don’t know, haul a pickup truck without using his hands.

The best part about the whole song, however, is how Markus enunciates the work ‘freak’ in the line ‘She makes me move like I’m a freak.’ He’s extra freaky, ladies! That harness simply proves it!

I really do like this song, and I tease because I love Markus Riva and his tenacity.

If Latvia votes correctly in the final, it will send Dzili Violets featuring Kozmens to Tel Aviv. But if they don’t, I’d be happy to see the very thirsty (and legit thirst trap) Markus Riva head there instead.

Good luck, Markus!

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