Belarus – My Number One

Belarus, what the heck?

In the 24 hours since you announced the results of your auditions, there’s been plenty of criticism that certain fan favourite acts (Kinky Boots, the Potato Monks) did not go through.

But what shocked me the most is the non-qualification of Julia Voice:

Sure, her song’s chorus sounds like it was ripped off from Lady Gaga’s Born this Way. And the song overall is rather basic. And the vocal scatting near the end was unfortunate.

But look at what you have here – a woman who can deliver a banger, and I mean DELIVER. She’s got a great costume, an intensive choreography routine with her backup dancers, and yet she never goes pitchy or loses her breath. This woman has stamina, and is giving it her all in what looks like a very uncomfortable pair of heels. Best of all, this act is ready to be lifted wholesale into the Drag Brunches of Minsk. Actually, no – best of all, this woman’s name is JULIA VOICE.

I don’t know why the judges chose some charisma suck ballad singers who mope in front of the mic and overlooked this sparkly gem of a performance, but Julia Voice, you’ve got a fan in me.

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